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The Project is an Irish based company that originated back in 2009 when a 1999 STI Type R V6 - purchased a few years prior - was side-lined for greatness! The intention was to build a 1997/98 WRC S5

WRC replica, but what was soon discovered was  there was a severe shortage of quality parts available.


In 2012  we decided to start producing high-end parts at affordable prices, such as Thermal Inlet Spacers & FIA Spec Alloy Firewalls.

Then in September 2017 came the big news that we had developed and could now supply the very best, high-quality Carbon Fibre WRC panels available for 1997-99 Impreza WRC cars. We had painstakingly developed these to be the best fitting parts out there bar none! Over 1000 hrs went into developing these and it really showed in the quality of fit.

What started out as a ‘grass-roots’ build has grown into something so much bigger and will continue to as our very own  S5 WRC demo car progresses with new products being continually developed & released.

Jamie Flett - Owner/Director

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the project s5 wrc impreza

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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