Subaru Impreza GC8 - 1993 - 2001

S5 WRC Carbon Panel Kits (2dr Coupe only)  


2 x Carbon Rear Quarter Panels
2 x  Carbon Sills 
2 x  Carbon Front Wings 
1 x  Carbon Rear Bumper
1 x Carbon Fr Bumper & Fog Covers
1 x Carbon S5 Front Splitter 
2 x Twintex Front Arch Liners

the project subaru impreza s4 s5 wrc carbon fibre gc8 prodrive

Impreza GC8 - FIA Spec Alloy Rear Firewalls   

- FIA Spec Alloy Rear Firewall

- Impreza GC8 (1992-2000) - 2dr & 4dr 

- CNC Precision Laser Cut


Kit Consists of:


- 1.5mm Aluminium Parcel Shelf Panel

- 1.5mm Aluminium Seat Back Panel

- 2 x 1.5mm Steel Filler Panels

The Project Impreza GC8 - FIA Spec Alloy Rear Firewalls

Subaru 8mm Thermal Inlet Manifold Spacers   


Phase 1, Phase 1.5 & Phase 2 available to suit all models (1992-2012)

- Precision CNC cut  8mm Phenolic Resin.
- Helps supply cooler intake air. 
- For every 5 Degree reduction in intake manifold temperature,  power increases can be as much as 1%.
- Direct bolt-on fit to all EJ Engine Types - EJ20/22/257.
- Spacers are able to withstand 248 Degrees Fahrenheit. Subaru engines run at around 200 Degrees Fahrenheit... so they are well within a Subaru Boxer's Max. running temperature.
- Safe to run with Race Fuel, E85, E5 and Methanol.

Subaru 8mm Thermal Inlet Manifold Spacers

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